If you have a special celebration coming up whether it be a retirement party, a special birthday, a graduation from university, a massive job promotion, an engagement, a promise ceremony OR a return from a time overseas;  I can help you turn your event into a "Uniquely-Yours" celebration that is special and memorable for everyone involved! 

I will set aside time to spend with you so we can get to know the reason for your celebration. I will listen to your stories about the person(s) the celebration is happening for, and  will ask questions and would love to look at your photos, and listen to  any stories or snippets that you think are special and need to be included - after all this reflects who this person is and how the guests will remember them; All of this will help me to design and create a story and ceremony that is authentic and reflects the very essence of the guest(s) of honor.
When I am  happy with the written ceremony, I will email you a draft copy for you to go over and make any changes or additions to send back. Nothing is presented on the day without you having the final check and sign off. So, you can sit back and relax as there will be no hidden or horrific surprises in any of our ceremonies. 

Retirement Celebration:
Is someone special finally retiring from the rat race? Whether she or he wants to (...or not) Why not have a celebration of a new chapter of life. We can involve a fabulous section of speeches from loved ones and work colleagues allowing the retiree to finally be acknowledged for the hard work and dedication given to the work force. In many cases, after working the thought of not having the structure of a work life can almost feel like a loss of a loved one; Hence why a sense of grieving through a celebration - such as a retirement ceremony - can allow a healing passage of acceptance, and the ability to move willingly into the next phase of life.

Friendship Celebration:
Do you have a certain group of friends that you may have been close with for years? Maybe from school days even or only over the past few years? The time doesn't matter, what's important is acknowledging the help, the support and the companionship that a good close friends base provides. Sometimes we take these friendships for granted, we are always expecting these people to understand, to automatically know how much they mean to us, we often do not realize until it's too late, that we never really said those words. I can help you put the words together in a beautiful thoughtful heartfelt ceremony to let your friends know how much they have done for you,  how much you value their input into your lives and to thank them for simply being there.

Returning Family or Friends:

Have the kids been away on the big OE for the past few years and are finally returning home? OR are the heading off for the first time with an open ended ticket and your not sure if or when they will return? Give me a call or flick me an email and I can help by writing a ceremony that fits the occasion: Fun and light-hearted, or serious and loving... Which ever you choose, it will leave them in no doubt about how you, your family and their friends feel about them and welcome them home or send them off with wishes for the future.  

                                                                           Let's Celebrate

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