I know arranging a celebrant for any important ceremonial day may seem overwhelming and feel just a little daunting, but it is important that you find the celebrant that feels right for the both of you. Just like a wedding dress the fit, the feel, the look needs to be right - after all this is one of the most important and magical days of your lives.
With Uniquely-Yours-Celebrants, you don't need to worry... I'VE GOT YOU!
Although I can't control the weather, your caterer, your DJ or your family... I can take care of your ceremony and make sure it is filled with love, light, magic and that it is "Uniquely-Yours".

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          "My promise to you is simple: I will support you, walk along side you, and guide you through the ceremonial portion of your amazing and "Uniquely-Yours" journey."

To make all of this seem a little less overwhelming, let's break it all down and go through it step-by-step:

* Have a read through the website you can learn a lot about who I am , what I offer and of course the legal jargon. 

* Give me a text or email, outline the where’s, the when’s and what you're looking at and I can either ring, text or email you back. Again you can learn a lot from hearing someone’s voice, and simply having a chat.

* We can then arrange a quick and simple face to face meeting over a coffee approx 20-30 mins at your chosen venue. This is a good “get to know meeting” so we can learn a little bit more about each other, and most importantly: If we will be a good fit for each other.  (We can also do this over the phone if you're outside of Rotorua). 

* Once your booking is confirmed (see confirmation below). We can then arrange a time for a full on 2-3 hour face to face meeting, for good old chat, and a planning session (again, we can break this up into several phone/email or Skype sessions if you are out of Rotorua). This gives us a good chance to discuss things like the venue for your wedding, the back up location (always important to have one of those, and recommended to have in place when you apply for your wedding license).
I will want to learn a little bit about you two too, we can discuss things like music options, reading options, poems, special traditions such as the use of candles, sand, balloons, flowers, or cultural options. We will also discuss the legal requirements of a wedding, and how to apply for your Marriage License. I will then discuss with you the questionnaire to fill in with things like how you met, how did you know this was it, where you see yourselves in 5, 10, 20 years, the traits you love and aren’t so keen on in each other, your nicknames for each other, fave foods, fave past times, all sorts of nosy and fun questions, as this is how I will write your personalized and “Uniquely-Yours" wedding ceremony.
Once that is done and I have all he info I need, I will get to straight to work, and that's when the magic begins! I will be in contact with you regularly and always welcome contact from you to keep me up to date with any changes or add-ons that you may wish or just general queries.
Closer to your wedding date you will receive via email a full copy of your wedding ceremony for you to go over together and to get your final approval or any changes you may wish to make. (I highly recommend that you DON'T show lots of people your ceremony, so that it will be a lovely and unique surprise for your family and friends on the day).

Your rehearsal:
(ONE pre-wedding rehearsal is included in your celebrant fee -time allowance approx 30-40 mins)

This is a run through with all the important people of the day and it is considered to be a full rehearsal, it is NOT a dress rehearsal (so you won't need to be in your gown and suit), and PLEASE NOTE we won't be doing the vows or reading your ceremony at this time  but you can practice a simple reading of something else just to get the feel of speaking.
This is the time your bridesmaids and groomsmen, and parents learn the run through of where to stand, when to walk, when to bring the rings etc and the biggest thing... the walk in (the procession) and the walk out (the recession) and to look for the cues! This gives you a really good idea how the big day is going to look and a chance to make any last minute changes.

(PLEASE NOTE: You will need to check with your venue to see if they will allow you to do a rehearsal as some venues do not allow this option).

The Big Day:
Excitement! Excitement! Excitement! Nerves will be bubbling below the surface, giggling will be happening, socks and stockings will suddenly go missing (I recommend having a couple of pairs for spares), but don't panic! Stop and take a deep breath... it will all work out. You’ve prepared and planned for today, you just need to get yourselves to the venue because remember I've got you both covered for your ceremony and it is under control, and your venue manager has you covered for everything else.

I will arrive approx 45 mins prior to the ceremony starting , to liaise with the venue manager and make sure everything is going to plan, I will set up our portable PA system (please discuss this with us first) and check it's all working.  I will make sure your speakers are ready and have their readings ready (I will also have spare copies in case any are forgotten), and remind them of their cues and timings, and to breathe. I will reassure your  partner that all is well, and do my best to keep the nerves at bay as we await the beautiful bride/groom's arrival.

I will conduct your ceremony just how the we had discussed and planned, and exactly the way the two of you had signed off on.
Your ceremony will be delivered in a professional, friendly, clear and warm manner but you will have eyes only for each other, all the hard work and stress is over, it will be but a distant memory, and it will be my privilege to now be able to introduce you to your family and friends and Mr & Mrs, Mr & Mr, Mrs & Mrs, Ms & Ms , husband and wife, honey bear & booboo - or which ever moniker you have both chosen to be called.

We will need to sign the official and legal marriage documents and of course I will want to congratulate you and thank you for allowing me the honour and privilege of being involved in your magical day and then I will slip quietly away, leaving you to enjoy the rest of your celebrations.


I will make sure this magical and beautiful day has been “Uniquely-Yours”.

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