What IS a Naming Ceremony?

A Naming Ceremony is the event at which an infant, youth, or an adult is given a name (or names). Although not a legal ceremony  it can be a unique and beautiful way to celebrate the gift of a name. 

Have you recently changed your legal name?
Then why not celebrate this change and introduce the new you and your new name to your family and friends through a "Uniquely Yours" naming celebration?! This can be as low key OR as loud, proud and 'OTT' as you choose it to be.

Have you had a new baby?
What an amazing way to introduce your beautiful baby and and your baby's name. The timing can vary from mere days after birth to several months or years. This is also a great time to announce and celebrate with your chosen "god-parents", "Good-parents",  "Supporting Angels", "Guide-parents", "Odd-parents", "Mentors" - What ever amazing name you choose to give them. It's a great day for these supporters to pledge their support and love for baby too.

Are you recently divorced? 
Why not combine the two?  A divorce AND a Re-naming celebration. Here at "Uniquely-Yours-Celebrants", we can accommodate them both.

Whatever your reasons for celebrating a new name - Contact me to discuss how I can help you to celebrate this momentous occasion!!

PLEASE NOTE:Spaces are LIMITED and I do book up fast, so please don't miss out on booking your special date with me.

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