What is a funeral and why do we have one?
A funeral is a ceremony connected with the burial, cremation, or interment of a loved one. Anthropologists label a funeral as 'a rite of passage'. This special passage affects all of those involved: from the deceased to his or her immediate/extended family and friends, work colleagues, team mates and so on. The pain of that death can seem insurmountable for those that are left behind. 

A funeral can be one way to help ease those feelings and give purpose. When a loved one passes on, those that are left behind may choose to mourn that person or more commonly celebrate the life of the descendant and all that s/he had achieved over their lifetime; from family, to work, to sporting achievements, and charity work. The funeral ceremony can be a time to laugh, cry, reunite with family, friends and loved ones and bid farewell to the physical body.

What is the difference between a Funeral Director and a Funeral Celebrant?
A Funeral Director will look after everything to do with your loved ones' body including preparations, the casket, the service sheet, the funeral notice, body transport (sometimes transport for close family to the venue), cremation or burial.
Whereas, a Funeral Celebrant will look after the ceremony side of things; Arranging the format of the service, welcoming and closing the service, providing resources for music, poems or readings and working with you to accommodate all your needs for the ceremony. 

What does "Uniquely-Yours-Celebrants" offer for funeral ceremonies?
As your "Uniquely-Yours-Celebrants", I will look after the ceremony itself. A question that is commonly asked is "don't all celebrants just simply use a set script for funerals?" My promise to you is that I will NEVER use a set script! I will write a completely unique ceremony that is fitting of your loved one and how you and your family wish them to be remembered. During the ceremony I will  introduce any speakers who may be doing readings of literature, poetry, or general speeches. I will introduce rituals, music performances, songs, liaise with the Funeral Director regarding the Order of Service and any other requirements you may need and most importantly - ensure that the service runs smoothly and on time. 

After you have initially contacted me, we will arrange a date and time to meet face-to-face. This meeting will take approximately 2-3 hours (YES! This does seem like a long time but it is vital for to ensure I have all the information  needed to help you make your ceremony as stress-less and "smooth-sailing" as I can).  During this meeting I will sit with you - and anyone that you wish to have present with you, at the time - and explore, learn and relish in all of the stories you have to share of your loved one. I will take lots of notes and ask a lot of questions throughout this time. All of this will help me to plan, design and create a ceremony that reflects your loved one perfectly and that ensures this ceremony is "Uniquely-Yours".  

I will endeavor to make sure the ceremony is all that you wish for by discussing this with you - by phone - prior to the day of the service. While I appreciate this is an emotionally charged and stressful time, this is vitally important  to make sure that I have captured the true essence of your loved one. Sometimes there may be little bits you wish to add or remove and this briefing allows the both of us the time to do so before the day of the ceremony. 

It may be important to keep in mind that I also have access to some great resources for readings, poems and song ideas; If you feel this would be something you may need, I am more than willing to share these resources with you. I can also give you some beautiful and wonderful rituals such as a candle lighting, releasing of balloons, placing of flowers, tree planting, ideas for photo montages, and much more to include in the ceremony to make it feel special or ritualistic.

Rituals are symbolic activities that help us - together with our families and friends - express our deepest thoughts and feelings about life's most important events, and allows our families, our friends to grieve together, allowing for a release of emotions which can help in the healing process. 

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